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  • Social Seeding project awards grants to improve health of marginalised groups

    NHS West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has awarded over £220,000 in grants to voluntary groups who work with the most vulnerable groups in society, supporting them to access health care and support.

    This is the first round of funding from the CCG’s innovative “Social Seeding” project, a £360,000 scheme run in partnership with Voluntary Action LeicesterShire, which aims to target those groups who can be marginalised from mainstream society and may struggle to access health care. The grants have been awarded to projects starting in 2016.

  • Additional appointments added across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

    Clinical Commissioning Groups across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland have put new schemes in place to provide additional appointments for those who need them across the winter period.

    They are also reminding people to prepare for the Christmas Holidays and make sure they know how they can access healthcare over the festive period, particularly when GP surgeries are closed.

  • Loughborough Urgent Care Centre goes from strength to strength
    Dr. Peter Cannon

    Loughborough Urgent Care Centre has further developed its services and extended the hours in which patients can access doctors with a special interest in emergency medicine.

    There are now doctors with a special interest in emergency medicine on duty from 9am to 10pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 10pm at weekends. These doctors will also be on duty during Bank Holiday periods, including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. This is in addition to the emergency care practitioners and emergency nurse practitioners who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Local team attend Downing Street reception

    Health and care staff and patients from the System Resilience Group for Leicester Leicestershire & Rutland attended a special reception hosted by the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street on Monday (23 November 2015).

    Toby Sanders, Managing Director of West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and Philip Parkinson, a local patient champion, joined more than 100 other NHS and care staff at the event. They were also joined by patients and patient representatives.

  • Patients urged to become Antibiotic Guardians to protect vital medicines

    People in West Leicestershire are being urged to sign up to become an Antibiotic Guardians by health leaders at NHS West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) ahead of European Antibiotics Awareness Day on 18 November.

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  • James Ward known as Mark James T/A as Car Care Automotive Great Yarmouth Guilty of Handling Stolen Car Parts

    James Ward known as Mark James was found guilty last week for handling stolen car parts from his business called Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd Great Yarmouth.. Phone number 01493 717767
    A Subaru Impreza was stolen from High Wycombe, an area where Ward lived at the time of the theft. The car was broken up for parts by Ward. He has also set up a new business that deals with Subaru’s. The business is in Great Yarmouth, Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd. Phone number 01493 717767.
    Thames Valley Police raided Car Care Automotive on the 24/2/15 and found a few parts left from the stolen Subaru. Ward was bailed until April. On the 20/4/15 Thames Valley Police charged Ward with handling and selling stolen goods. Ward has even put parts from the stolen car onto other cars.
    On the 6/5/15 Ward pleaded guilty to breaking the Subaru, knowing it was stolen and selling it for parts.
    Anyone with a Subaru are advised to be careful dealing with the business known as Car Care Automotive at Great Yarmouth. The Court Order was made against James Mark Ward at High Wycombe Court. The Case number is 431500197216/1 6th May 2015. This article is printed in good faith from verified data and is in the interest of public awareness.The business Care Care Automotive at Yarmouth
    should not be confused with any other business with a similar name.

  • Clifton Lodge Hotel High Wycombe Bucks
    Clifton Lodge hotel High Wycombe

    A privately owned hotel near West Wycombe Bucks.

    210 West Wycombe Road
    High Wycombe
    HP12 3AR

    01494 440095

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    A werewolf, a paladin, a bandit, and a cleric walk into the abyss. The werewolf's transformations startle and stress the psyche of the party. The paladin's heart gives out. Our thief begins behaving irrationally. He compulsively opens suspicious chests and rifles through dead bodies. He falls gravely ill. Our cleric, pushed to the brink, finds resolve in faith. She fights back wave after wave of evil abominations far longer than she should. In time, she finds herself overwhelmed.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Unravel Review

    As my eight-inch Yarny doll hung for dear life on a thread of wool, swinging his way across the dark underbelly of a seaside pier, my immediate thoughts were not concerned with his well-being. I was instead overcome with nostalgia. There’s something incurably wistful about the sounds of seaside that always seems to lure out childhood memories.

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  • Do you recognise these items?

    We are trying to reunite these items with their rightful owners.

    The gold Rotary watch has a stretchy, extendable strap and has an engraving on the back.

    There is also a Pandora charm bracelet, a gold chain and two rings with semi-precious stones.

    They were all seized in the Loughborough area when a suspect was arrested for burglary and handling stolen goods.

    If you think any of these items may be yours, please contact PC 430 Emily Walsh on 101.

  • CEASE: We need you to sign the pledge on Safer Internet Day!

    Leicestershire Police is urging people to sign its CEASE pledge on Safer Internet Day 2016 (Tuesday 9 February).

    Safer Internet Day is a perfect opportunity for organisations to engage with young people encouraging them to stay safe online and support Leicestershire’s CEASE campaign by signing the pledge. CEASE is a Commitment to Eradicate Abuse and Sexual Exploitation, alongside the of children in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The campaign is running in parallel with the highly successful “spot the signs” campaign – run by the two local safeguarding boards. Lots of organisations and well-known celebrities signed the pledge at its launch on Friday 5 February.

    Today, on Safer Internet Day, Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) will be talking to students at schools providing helpful advice on how to keep safe online. Young people will also have the opportunity to take part in a web chat where they will be able to ask any questions they may have and report any concerns.

    The web chat is between 12pm and 2pm using the hashtag #SID2016. The web chat is aimed at young people but it is open to anyone who wishes to take part so please logon to and join in.

    Children and Young People Officer, Laura Hallam, said: “Safer Internet Day is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the key issues relating to young people using the internet in a safe manner. It’s also a great opportunity to promote our new campaign and get young people involved in CEASE. We want as many people as possible to sign the pledge so they can truly understand the importance of stay safe online.

    Leicestershire County Council and Leicestershire and Rutland Safeguarding Board lead for CSE, Victor Cook added: “We want to encourage young people to use the internet and benefit from the great opportunities it provides but at the same time we want people to monitor their privacy settings and be aware of who they are talking to and who could access their personal information.”

    Within 72 hours of launching the CEASE pledge site, 400 people have already signed the pledge. Our target is 100,000. We need your help to eradicate child sexual exploitation.

    Please take a couple of minutes to make a difference by signing the pledge.

  • Maureen Knifton - found

    Maureen Knifton, who was reported missing yesterday afternoon, has been found safe and well.

    The 62-year-old was found this morning.

    Thank you to everyone who shared our posts

  • Victim in fatal fire in South Croxton named

    A man who died in a house fire in South Croxton on Saturday (6 February) has been named.

    Frederick Draycott, 91, was pronounced dead at the property at around 5am.

    The fire is not being treated as suspicious. Investigations by the police and fire service into the cause of the fire are ongoing.

  • Sighting of missing Malachi Quintyne-Bayliss

    Missing 15-year-old seen in the city – do you know where he is?

    Malachi Quintyne-Bayliss was reported missing to police on Sunday 24 January. The latest sighting of him was on Abbey Lane, Leicester, at around 10pm on Thursday 4 February.

    Malachi is mixed race, 5ft 6ins tall, medium build, clean shaven, with short mousey brown hair and blue eyes. He is known to regularly visit Beaumont Leys.

    Officers have been carrying out a number of enquiries since Malachi was reported missing and are now appealing for public assistance to locate him.

    If you think you know where Malachi may be, contact 101.


    Today we’re asking you to sign a pledge to help us eradicate child abuse and sexual exploitation from our communities in Leicester, Leicestershire and in Rutland.

    The initiative is part of a major multi-agency campaign which was launched at a special event at Leicester’s King Power Stadium today, Friday 5 February.

    The CEASE campaign - the Commitment to Eradicate Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of children in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland – was officially opened by Sir Clive Loader, Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire.

    Among those to sign the pledge – which went live at 12 noon – are sports stars, actresses, faith leaders and businesses leaders. We want at least 100,000 people to sign the pledge. Will you be the next? It will only take a couple of minutes, but it could save a child from a lifetime of pain.

    In signing the pledge, we will ask you to be aware of the signs to look out for that may indicate a child is in danger. By understanding these signs, and by looking out for them, together we can help protect children and young people.

    Politicians, representatives from industry, commerce, charities and the private sector joined local celebrities at this morning’s pledge-signing launch of CEASE, which builds on the progress already made by councils, the police, the health service and other partners to tackle CSE. The campaign is one of 12 separate multi-agency projects being funded by Sir Clive to protect the vulnerable. Last summer, he announced he would make up to £2m available to support creative and innovative multi-agency projects aimed at enhancing the work already being done to tackle CSE which he describes as “an insidious and wicked crime against the most vulnerable in society”.

    CEASE is aimed at:
    • Raising greater public awareness of CSE
    • Raising public awareness of the signs that CSE may be happening
    • Increasing the reporting of the offence; and
    • Increasing the prosecutions of offenders.

    A special video has been made in which local people and celebrities encourage others to sign the pledge.

    To sign the pledge, follow this link:

    The platform is being used to host the pledge. By signing the pledge you agree to the terms of use of the website. In order to sign the pledge you will need to create an account with and provide your name, email address, date of birth, gender and nearest city. Please read the privacy policy to ensure you understand how your data may be used. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Facebook account, please make sure you understand what data Facebook may share with by reading the privacy policy. and its parent company, Brigade, may email you about changes to features and special offers. You can opt out of these messages by changing your preferences in the settings page of your account.

    Anyone who has concerns about child sexual exploitation, or who may be unsure about whether they should be worried, is urged not to keep any concerns to themselves.

    You should contact the Police on 101 for non-emergencies or 999 if you are concerned that a child is in immediate danger.

    Alternatively, if you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or report online

    For more information on child sexual exploitation visit Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland safeguarding children board websites:

  • Manslaughter charge after death of baby

    A 30-year-old woman has been charged with manslaughter following the death of a seven-month-old baby.

    The charges relate to an incident in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, on 22 March 2015 which resulted in the death of the baby girl three days later.

    Chuanfang Zheng, of Mortlock Close, Southwark, London, appeared at Leicester Magistrates’ Court yesterday (3 February) and has been remanded into custody.

    She will appear at Leicester Crown Court on 2 March.

  • Woman assaulted in Aylestone Meadows – CCTV issued

    We need your help in identifying a man we want to trace in connection with an assault.

    The 54-year-old victim was attacked as she walked her dog along a footpath in Aylestone Meadows, Leicester at around 8am on Saturday 5 December, 2015.

    She was approached from behind by a man who knocked her to the floor, where she was further assaulted. She sustained a fracture to her cheekbone and eye socket and still suffers as a result of the attack.

    Extensive CCTV enquiries have been completed and we now have an image of a man we want to speak to in connection with the incident.

    From the CCTV we have been able to plot his route on the morning of the assault –and hope this will help someone identify him. He could have information which will help our enquiries.

    7.51am – He is seen walking along the Great Central Way near Wolverton Road, in the direction of Evesham Road

    7.56am – The man is seen walking towards the exit of Faircharm Industrial Estate on Evesham Road. He then enters the footpath of Aylestone Meadows Shortly after this the assault took place.

    8.16am – The man is seen jogging across the foot bridge of the Great Central Way towards the city centre

    8.20am – The man has come across the footbridge of the Great Central Way and continues running towards the city centre

    DC 2011 Chris Fox said:

    "Since this incident took place we have carried out enquiries to try and trace the offender, and are now appealing for your help.

    "Please watch the CCTV and see if you recognise the man in it, he could have information which will help with our enquiry.

    "The map shows where the man was first captured on CCTV and the route we believe he took. Please, if you know who it could be, get in touch."

    The suspect is described as a dark skinned, of medium build, around 5ft 8ins tall and in his 20s. He was wearing blue bottoms and a blue hooded top.

    If you have any further information please call 101 and quote crime reference number 15000131988.